PRIME Commercial Property Inspections
Serving Louisville Kentucky and Surrounding Areas
Certified Commercial Real Estate Inspector
Kerry Gage
Phone: 502-653-5393
Email: Primecommercialinspections@gmail.com


We are a full service, independent, commercial property inspection company!

We inspect and facilitate all inspections needed for the property you intend to buy or lease.

Full Building Inspection - Environmental Phase I - Integrated Fire Alarm System - Sprinkler System and Fire Suppression - Commercial Refrigeration Systems - 3 Phase Electrical Panels and Distribution Systems - Steel Superstructure - Loading Docks - Natural Gas Train Systems - Thermal Imaging Scans of Building Envelope and Mechanical Systems.

To know the condition of the systems and components of the building or space you are intending to buy or lease puts knowledge in your hand. Our clients often use our inspection report (Property Condition Report) to request repairs before occupancy, negotiate a lower purchase price, or negotiate a lower lease rate! We give you the information needed so that you can make the best business decision.



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